We guarantee employment, through our employer hosts, directly addressing unemployment for disadvantaged job seekers.

Arise is a platform where disadvantaged women access their full potential to live without limitations.


Those who require it are offered our Pre-Employment Ready Program (Pre-ERP), which consists of: 

Adult English Program
Our Adult English Program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Overall, the curriculum teaches English speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities in preparation for daily life, work, further education, and employment.


Basic Digital Literacy Program 
Our Basic Digital Literacy program enables Arise Women to recognise and utilise technology with self-assurance, creativity, and critical thinking to handle the demands and difficulties of life, study, and job in a digital world.

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Employment Ready Program

Our Employment Ready Program (ERP) is evidence-based, research-backed, and co-designed by individuals with lived experience. The eight-week program (4 hours per week) consists of three modules to aid with job readiness: empowerment and wellbeing, financial literacy, and foundational work skills.

Module 1:

Empowerement & Wellbeing

At Arise, we understand that the path to recovery from acute mental and emotional trauma needs support from wellness and self care services.

That is why we have developed our empowerment and wellbeing module, with specially-designed activities and workshops to nurture and relax the mind and body.

Module 2:

Financial Literacy Toolkit

 At Arise, we want to empower women to be confident money managers, knowledgeably secure their financial futures and be financially independent.

Our bespoke, evidence-based financial literacy module is designed to increase our clients’ financial knowledge base and ensure a future of inclusion and participation in family and civic life with a sound financial foundation.

Module 3:

Foundational Work Skills

 Our foundational work skills module will help you establish yourself and be confident in the workplace. The module is designed to equip you with the essential soft skills and abilities that employers value most.

These core skills aim to support a solid process to achieve your goals and approach challenging situations, communicate, listen and work well with your peers, and think critically to solve complex problems.

We also Provide

  • Adult English Program
  • Computer & Digital Literacy
  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • Further Education & Qualification If Required
  • Work Experience & Practical Training
  • Paid Job Placements
  • Driving School (coming soon)

"I am so empowered by Arise Foundation. I couldn't imagine people would help you without any judgment. Fariha and Tasnia are working tirelessly to take care of our well-being, build up our confidence, polish our CV, train our skills, connect us with community partners, help us realize our dreams and so on."

– Past Participant

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