We are a women-owned business, founded by Tasnia Alam Hannan and Fariha Chowdhury.

Between them, Tasnia and Fariha share close to 25 years of cumulative experience in finance, and have worked in both the public and private sectors across various vibrant industries and multinational companies.

Tasnia Alam Hannan


Tasnia co-founded Arise to make visible the invisible impact of financial abuse and provide financial freedom for those who are ‘unbankable’. Tasnia has over nine years of public and private sector experience across various industries, including audit, legal, corporate finance and public policy development.

Fariha Chowdhury


Fariha is the co-founder of Arise. She started Arise to make it easy for financial abuse survivors to stand on their own feet and help them be part of their community. Fariha has over 15 years finance experience in multinational companies. She currently consults companies with their analysis and strategy.