Volunteer with Arise

“Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.”

– Heather French Henry

Arise offers volunteering opportunities for any firm. We have a range of volunteer roles to suit staff at all levels.

Arise organises tailored workshops to assist our clients to get employment-ready, make sound and sustainable personal financial decisions or start and nurture their own small businesses.

Arise also provides networking opportunities in which clients can organically access corporate leaders and businesses.

We welcome guests from all our corporate partners to appear as speakers at these events and workshops, as we recognise that practical expertise and advice is an invaluable resource on the path to financial independence.

Both workshops and networking events can be tailored to meet your requirements for either a full or half day. To discuss how you can get involved and help support the work of Arise, please register your interest and we will be in touch.

You can also donate in-kind goods or pro bono services that we would otherwise need to buy on commercial terms.

If you are a retiree or professional who is willing to offer services pro-bono and have time or talent, you believe could help at Arise Foundation, please get in touch.

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